Long time no blabber

So I haven’t blogged at all in over 3 weeks. I can safely say that the last time I posted something was at least a week prior to the shifting started. Yup, just checked, it was on 3rd August when I talked about the Twitter mobile homepage upgrade, which was at least visible on the BlackBerry.

Anyhow, so before the shift started taking place, there was a major influx of work that came through from our parent office in Dubai. Most of the rush during the last 3-4 weeks was all related to the Ramadan campaigns that were starting off, or had some pre-Ramadan attraction. Now we see most of these done through, and probably next week or so we’ll end up with the Eid rush. Let’s see where that takes us.

The shifting started just when Ramadan started here in Karachi. A tough duel, heavy schedule at work and then taking time out just to shift was nothing short of a troubled weekend, but then work got pushed off thanks to the conveniently inconvenient unavailability of internet, and that too for a family of 4 guys who do have an online social life, and 2 of them work off the internet full time. So yes, a tough one indeed. But convenient as I say it was, since it allowed us more time to do the major legwork through to get the transporters and moving all the boxes and baggage out and to the new venue.

We were living in DHA for about a year and a half, prior that in Askari 4 for almost 5 years. Now we’re back at Askari 4. My observations are rather odd, but this one I noted fairly accurately in my opinion. You don’t really have a life just outside the gate of your bungalow / villa in DHA, you need to jump in your car to get just about anywhere, even if it be for 5 minutes. The thought of walking across to the nearest shop is not quite alien as much as it feels outlandish and utterly inconvenient.

I’ll also be honest that I’m not fond of living in an apartment complex. Having buildings around me that too without any green or convenient spacing inside and around just irks my senses and I get claustrophobic. However, Askari 4 has that separate and distinct look of having no more than a 3 story apartment blocks all around, with some space in between and a couple of parks at walking distance. What’s more, it’s quite clean and organized, and well maintained and secure. That’s what I generally like in a real housing estate.

OK I’m not being all praise about Askari 4, but seriously, there should be more housing estates like these, and there are, like at Malir Cantt, NHS Zamzama and Bahria Town etc, which are very well organized and superbly maintained.

And while we moved in, we were welcomed with amazing rain for the first 2 days, and a wonderful breezy weather all around. I won’t say it continues all the time, but hey, at least it lasts till it does, and gives a good feel, even during the day. What’s more, the whole flat is usually brightly lit through the day, right till Maghrib, saves a whole lot on energy too, though I can’t say why KESC insists that it will terrorize and punish each and every individual in the city with power outages, despite the fact that they know very well what to do to save on excess power usage and claiming the earnings they have the right too. Unfortunately it’s the feudals who have abused all their might and power to put everyone through hell while they chill and sit in their personal comfort zones.

This has been so rampantly seen in the recent and very unfortunate floods that have swept through a fifth of the country, affecting over 20 million people. If we were to compare, and this I quote from the UN figures, the affected population is equivalent to the whole population of Australia, and the area affected is equivalent to England itself. What’s more, the damage caused is more than the 3 recent tragic natural disasters put together. Yet, it is the people of this country, and other friends from outside who are contributing to what they believe to be the need of the hour. While our government, the failed and corrupt politicians are still seeking every opportunity to loot and plunder even in this turbulent time when the whole country is shaken up. No shame whatsoever. I never trusted any of these politicians to do any good at all, regardless if they blow the eternal trumpet of “more democracy”, it just doesn’t work. Ultimately, the will of the people has spoken out loud and it is all against these rascals, and soon they will be not just out of their offices, but they should be ready to be dragged across the streets and put in prison, for their entire lives. This is what they deserve, and should be done. And for those self-righteous countries and governments who keep trumpeting about democracy, leave us alone for once and mind your own business, you have a lot to fix up in your countries still, while you create more trouble for others. Live and let live!

Hopefully the next post will be sooner. By the way, just a thought, I was considering doing some reviews, let me know what you guys think about some of the reviews I’ve posted on the blog, and if they are useful. Of course my style is different and more along the lines of what I see as value, and usefulness.

OK so a lot of blabbering today, as the weekend starts. In an hour or so 3 of us brothers will venture out to our nearby dhaba to have some good old anda paratha and chai for sehri 🙂

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