The sky has fallen, but do we fall too?

I had decided to silence myself, though I had a whole lot of things going in my head regarding all these happenings just about everywhere. I am deeply saddened and worried about my people who have been severely affected by the floods. The calamity had happened soon after the terrible plane crash on the Margalla Hills in Islamabad. So many deaths and an even larger number facing the worst calamity to hit the earth in history; and its right here in our own backyard, in our country.

Worse has been the way things have been managed. On an individual and group level, the citizens of the country have taken up the responsibility to provide and make arrangements for the protection and possible rehabilitation of those that now remain stranded without homes and prone to possible diseases, needing medical and psychological assistance and help. Whereas the government of ours just spends on things that just don’t matter, and yet claim to be considering it important. The sky has fallen, and the President goes off enjoying his time in Europe with his kids, and lets the people suffer. Worse, when its time for him to show some sincerity, he asks the people to donate. DUH! They were already doing it while you were sleeping like a drunkard!

The month of Ramadan has gone by, Eid has come. Nothing is the same. It seems that things are actually coming to an end. Though there is still hope. There is still some sanity. People are out there who believe in making the change, to deliver when all hope is lost. We look to a change in the environment, the way we live, the way we do things, and the way we ought to take this nation forward. Sitting on our behinds won’t work anymore. Too long have we all just watched and ignored our basic responsibilities to protect and work for our country, rather than just expect it to serve us. How senseless have we been all these years? It is time now to turn the tables, and take back what is ours and truly focus on rebuilding the nation the way our forefathers wished it to be.

A prayer, that may Allah the All-Knowing help us and guide us on the right path, so that we may all prosper, bring happiness and joy to each other’s lives, and to become the ambassadors of peace and humanity. Aameen.


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