The concept of dua during Hajj or Umrah

Quite often people practice well in advance what to pray for when they perform Hajj or Umrah. Masha Allah, it is important, though not all dua need to be in Arabic. Allah is the Lord of all Creations, He knows what is in our heart, and what we want to so meaningfully ask for.

When we went for Umrah last year, I had also practiced the duas for recitation throughout the Umrah rituals, the problem is that I forgot when the time came. I had the booklet with me, but I just couldn’t think about anything but to just ask Allah for whatever I had in my heart and mind. And most of it I just couldn’t bring to let out verbally, and I just trusted that Allah would hear me out, even if I couldn’t say anything.

That’s the beauty of it all, when we say nothing at all, He hears us so clearly that even we can be astonished as to how it all happened. The very sight of the Ka’aba in front of us was too mesmerizing to think of anything else but to just go up to and stick like super glue to it. But of course as you know, too much population hogging to it already, so I just thought: Allah, you know I want to, but I can’t push through like everyone else.

The only time I actually managed to touch the Black Stone was on our last day in Mecca, before we head to Medina. That day I pushed through, rubbed my hand on the Black Stone and brought my hand untouched to my mother, and she was so pleased, she kissed my hand for it. I didn’t even touch it against my own chest, I just wanted my mother to feel it virtually if it may be… and there it was. I felt that I just did what I never thought of doing, and I saw the incredible happiness on my mother’s face, that I had never seen before that moment.

May Allah bless every Muslim to perform the Hajj and Umrah as many times as s/he likes, and by Allah’s Grace each time turns out to be a redefining moment for all, so that we may all be even more closer to Him each time. Aameen.

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