Enough is enough!

OK, seriously, I’ve had enough of the constant political standoff and rabid battling that’s just not going to end. We have the religious fanatics who just can’t think about uniting people under one banner of Islam; the constant politicizing of all matters under the sun by the “professional” politicians that they are, and the irresponsibly free media that just loves to make every piece of information a sensational news item worthy of discussion and efficiently used to slander everyone they see.

Who are we kidding? Was this the way our fore-fathers had envisioned us to be? Are we really humans? I don’t want to go over the higher level of asking if we are Muslims, the religion that we believe to be the best there is, and truly so it is, by the grace and mercy of Allah. But in my honest and sincere opinion, we have and we continue to do extreme disservice to Islam and Pakistan. We, the people of Pakistan, are seriously lacking all sense of morality and ethics. We don’t deserve to be treated like humans, because we don’t even do that to others. What goes around comes around!

I’ll be honest; I haven’t lived here in Pakistan as much as the many millions of people. I’ve spent half my life abroad, but the latter half has been right here in Karachi, the city that I love despite all its odds and evens. When I migrated back, I had already seen and experienced far more things than the average Pakistani would elsewhere. So settling in with so many lesser things would normally have been an uphill task, but thankfully it was not because of the wonderful upbringing that we had, making things far easier for us. However, what we had been taught from a very young age is to observe. And through this observation and decision making that things come through better. Though life does have its challenges, always will have, it is up to us to make the most of them.

Challenges can be considered as opportunities. It’s what you make of them that yield the result. The problem we all face as a nation is we want to control our destiny, but don’t want to go through the effort of realizing it ourselves. We are the automatic lot. Those who love to lounge on our chairs, watching the day go by, and giving us loads of money and facilities without even moving a muscle. That, or we are too engrossed with our daily lives that we can’t take out time to even lift our heads and just see what’s happening around. By the time we do, what we had expected has gone by that we’ve missed the boat altogether.

It is in this frenzy that we forget that we have a greater role to play in our lives, rather than just be confined to accumulating wealth and having a blissful life for ages. We also need to realize that there is a world around us, that we need to take care of. The world goes beyond the 9 to 5 schedule that we have, and just the family that we have at home. What about our whole country? Who will look after it? Do we just let it be and not realize that we feed on the many opportunities that this very land offers us? Why do we not bother to see where our hard earned money will be spent? What sort of environment will our kids be brought up in? Will they become dutiful citizens of this country, or just be like we all are? Most of us just don’t bother, so what we see happening around us, be it politics, sport, media, security, and just about anything under the sun, is in total disarray and dysfunctional. When will this end? Will we ever realize that there is a limit to everything, or will we just go on like we always have been doing in the part 60 odd years of our country?

Wake up people, or perhaps you’ll just die in your sleep, without realizing the wonderful opportunities you have so conveniently missed. We as a nation need to stand up against the injustice and atrocities that are tossed on to us, and fight for our own rights and well-being. Let’s hope that we don’t screw up things for the ones that come after us, otherwise they’ll never forgive us for putting them through a living hell.


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