I have been very busy lately, too busy for my own good. And lately the weather change has added cold and headache to the list of worries. Though the headache is gone, there is however the constant cold that’s been around for over a week now.

Over the last weekend and start of the week has been terrifyingly busy, and I’ve been up all night working on a project for one of our official clients, all because there was an urgent need to do so. Ended up using 3 more nights for that. And during this entire time, the cold continued, got worse, then simmered down to a more stable state.

In my opinion, no one should take up more things on his/her head than one can tackle. Especially not if that means taking on things outside official responsibilities and time. In some cases, there’s no justified treatment is given from the employers, though the client may in fact be quite content and thankful in every way. Also, if a client is happy on one project on which maximum support was provided, it doesn’t mean the same will be the case for another project. So beware, doing more than what you’re meant to do is good for you, but to a limit.

On the other hand, if you did the same for your own business, you’re bound to end up at a far better position and with better results, materially and on motivational grounds. Unfortunately that’s my experience over time…


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