Spinning way out of control

I fear this world is spinning out of control. We see no difference between right and wrong. In fact, we become fearless when wrong, and fearful when right.

We’ve lived in Dubai for most of our lives, and also had the chance to live in Sydney and Singapore for some time. Throughout my initial schooling, I would read the grand signs of what a true Muslim is. This was through a series of books called Studies in Islam. In my younger years, I was attached to the way this series was written, and ended up practically memorizing the content for each year, before the summer vacations even ended, so always had a good 8 months to go while repeating everything.

Fond of stories, I used to read and understand the way the wonderful stories of our glorious past were told, so that we could experience it all. And hence I could comprehend the great civilization that we belong to. Unfortunately though, whenever we came to Karachi during the summers, I was stunned by how we blatantly abused Islam and its wonderful teachings brought to us by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

And then when we were in Dubai, and other places, the same principles could be seen so clearly, being followed so naturally. I won’t say that other countries were following Islam, but then the good and the bad could clearly be seen, and one could easily get away with seeing only the good, and be at peace that there’s so much that we could live by, and there are so many good people out there.

Then when we migrated back to Karachi, we had to live with the stark reality of hypocrisy in our face all the time, while continuously searching for some sign of good. One fine day, I realized that until we change what we are inside, convince others to do good, it won’t happen. It is alarming to realizing that the very basics of our religion are unknown to so many people, especially the elite that sit in the government. Even if they do, they have sold their souls to the devil blindly, and considering whatever they have in this world to be the only thing that counts, since after that they will rot in hell anyway.

I see our country in a terrible state of loss of integrity. It has lost its own soul. The very soul that our founding fathers fought with their lives and gave up everything, only to give us our freedom, and build our country as a model nation that becomes the most powerful and the most intellectual there can be. We lost our way, completely, and didn’t even dare to trace back our footsteps to where we started, so we can at least get back on the right track.

We celebrate the wrong, fear the outcome of all good. That is what we are now, the vast majority humming and swaying to the tunes of those that are our enemies within us, leading to the cliff that would eventually mean our very end.

We need to step back, just a little bit. Assess where we are, see what we are doing. Understand our moral and ethical obligations and finally adopt them, before they leave us for good. We have slept enough, time to rise, it’s about time!


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