Karachi offers by telcos

It started with one of the telcos here in Pakistan, around 2-3 years ago when Warid Telecom announced a Sindh offer. Not sure if this was replicated across the country, but in my opinion this offer proved quite useful where all calls made to users on-net within the province were at a reduced rate. The SMS packages remained the same, call was more important.

I couldn’t find an image for this, must be lost in time 🙂

Today, we see 3 telcos replicating this with a “Karachi offer”. Again, not sure if this has been the case with other cities as well. And I won’t go into the details, but its interesting how everyone followed something or the other.

Zong started with their offer I think 2-3 months ago. Not sure about the exact time frame, this is the banner that’s been around the city since then.

Zong Karachi Unlimited

Zong Karachi Unlimited

Then came Ufone with their Karachi offer.

Ufone Karachi Offer

Ufone's Karachi Offer

And now Mobilink with Jazz offering the same, can’t seem to find this offer on their website though (ain’t that interesting!).

The offerings on this package maybe different, but one thing is for sure. For Warid, when I gained maximum advantage of the offer, I didn’t have to sign up, nor pay a subscription fee for the offer.


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