Contacts and calendar sync

Some apps help you sync contacts and their profiles quite efficiently, and then they also help multi-sync at least on the device you use. Case in point, Google Sync helps you sync your contacts and calendar events with your phonebook, regardless which device you’re on. A multi-sync scenario would be where contacts synced through Google Sync get further updated through a Facebook or LinkedIn app installed on your device, such as the BlackBerry, iPhone or Android handsets.

However, since the ridiculous ban by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on BlackBerry services for almost a year now, the multi-sync works only sometimes, and that too depends on the type of connection you’re using, ie either cellular data or wifi.

So when the ban wasn’t in place, my Google Contacts got synced with profile pictures, birthdays and events through the Facebook app on my BlackBerry. This was very convenient; I always got to know what my friends were up to, and stayed in constant touch with them. Add LinkedIn to the equation and you’re instantly synced with their professional status updates, change in jobs, messages etc, on the go. The way it should be, if you’re technically using a high end device, with a premium priced data service.

After the ban, firstly the syncing just wouldn’t work, not even with Google Sync. That was very annoying for me, as I preferred not to update my contacts manually at all places, especially not when I have to double check numbers or email addresses each time. Then I found out a way to manage the Google Sync for contacts and events, but then profile pictures etc wouldn’t get updated. LinkedIn would work through wifi only, till one of their recent versions started working through TCP/IP, but then that was also temporary (this still happens today). However, I think the use of other 3rd party apps such as face2face somewhat helped me here, though not sure if this is just a coincidence, but each time I had face2face running, profile pictures got updated without a problem, and sooner or later LinkedIn would start syncing with network updates and other requests / messages too, even though I’d uninstall face2face since it used to end up with some issue or the other.

Which app do you use to sync your contacts and calendar events across all platforms, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and your phonebook?


5 responses to “Contacts and calendar sync

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  3. I found that a google calendar with a G-mail account can e automatically synched with your outlook. I had nothing but problems with the Outlook connector thing with hotmail, so I searched around the the google one works MUCH better!

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