Do your consumers speak for your brand?

With so much being said on consumer engagement and the use of social media to bring in the everyday consumers, making them interact, some brands are only actually doing something to make full use of it.

Recently, while going through, I came across an article which mentioned about a video that was posted by a guy named Bill Costello on YouTube. In his video, which is a little over 3 minutes, through pictures, he communicates his story of a BMW bike his father bought way back in 50s. The couple had an accident and since then the bike was put in the garage till all the kids grew up. But sadly Bill’s father suffered a stroke at the age of 71 and he passed away, leaving behind his BMW bike.

For detailed story and the video, check the link below.

The great thing about this video is not that Bill is paying a tribute to his father through the video. But in fact, it is communicating the positive message about the brand and how his father saved it to pass on the legacy to the next generation.

Videos such as these, which are not made by the manufacturers and where the users of the brand make an to come up with something which not only achieves their personal objective (paying tribute to father in this case) but also endorses the brand in a way, that is not possible through a paid, contracted endorsement, go a long way. And needless to mention, the message seems more credible and moving when said though users, than through an advertisement.

Here, through this video, we also get to know that if the brand is powerful and if it does justice to its consumers, they will embrace it happily and will make it a part of their lives. And that is exactly what all brands should try to do: plan well, strive hard and make themselves an integral part of their consumer’s life.

This post has been contributed by Ismail Noor, whose working as an Account Executive with ORIENTm McCANN ERICKSON, in Karachi.


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