Not every day do you come across events or incidents that make you change the way you think or do things. Such has been the case for me, a blissful change did come through some years ago, but unfortunately it was short-lived, and I still feel the pains of it today. Then there are some other changes, those that affect your career and whatever happens in the future. Such a change too has happened before that made a lot of difference, and yet again the moment has arrived.

I’ve been working for over a decade now on the services side of the IT industry in Pakistan. When I joined, the industry was just starting to take off, and I’m glad that over these years it has grown and flourished in front of my eyes, while actively being involved in it. I’d say my future also lies here, as it’s what has defined me and what I do in many ways, though what I do and how I do things have changed shape and approach.

At the same time I thought why not do something different yet again? I have purchased a domain yet again, and now moving my blog there. So most of the posts you’ll see now will be available at and not on my blog. Also, I intend to change a bit on the focus of the blog, make it a bit more creative as well too, and of course more information oriented. So let’s see how that comes along. The only challenge I do have though is I can’t figure out a good time and frame of mind to share, which is kind of what hinders the sharing part. So let’s see if I can change that a bit now.

More to come later as I go along; for the moment I’m interested in applying the right theme and styling it appropriately to match what I have in mind as the way forward. Time to start thinking and implementing.


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