Update to things-a-changing

As I mentioned in my last post, there are changes happening. I’ve hinted at one such change occurring in my career. Gladly, and Alhamdulillah, the process of change has started. I have been on board a new venture under the TCS umbrella since around February, which is when I tendered my resignation at Ovrlod. Insha Allah next Monday I will be completely on board. The rest is to follow.

At the moment I’m on a week’s break, have a few things to wrap up in this time while getting some much needed rest and relaxation. Alongside I intend to engage more through my blog as well. Have some thoughts and insights that can be helpful to readers and will be sharing them with you soon Insha Allah.

While this was happening, I hope most of you enjoyed the amazing show of team work on Saturday when Pakistan beat Australia and broke their long winning streak. We’ve also seen what happened during the game, and what followed after. Nothing hidden, we’ve all had a good time reading and listening through what happened to such a superb team and its supporters, and how they can crumble down to crying like babies 🙂

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