Struggling to write again, but I made it

A number of things go by my mind when I start writing, unfortunately not all can be catered, some being more important and probably leading to an amassed level of anger, thus being written. Then there are those that need to be told, things happening that mean a lot to me and probably some people in my list of friends.

I’ll start off with everyone’s favourite, or at least in this region, Cricket. I’ve frankly not been following the game for a long time, and till the recent wins by Pakistan, I had not bothered to view any matches either. But the way they beat Australia in to total dismay and a helpless situation was a prize in every way. Then followed India’s volley over Australia, bringing Ponting’s gang down to the ground. Though what I did not appreciate, and actually sounded rather racist that Ponting, in neither of the matches, state how they were beaten down, and didn’t give credit to the Pakistan team, whereas he went on to take names from India’s team. Why is that? Do I take this as a determination that no matter what you’re just going to keep your head up high and not accept defeat just because we are not India? Shame on you, you’re not worthy of being called a sportsman, and definitely not worthy of carrying on as the Australian captain. It’s a disgrace!

Next up, Earth Day. I completely understand the reason for holding this day, it’s the need to understand that each step we take can help reduce the damage we’re doing to our planet. The only problem in our case is, we’re already quite bogged down with ridiculous things happening in our cities and the country as a whole, that this one hour doesn’t really make sense. Especially not if you are subjected to 4-12 hours of power outage without your willingness, under the garb of fuel shortage to produce power. I do not believe that there is any shortage of fuel, it’s a clear and deliberate attempt by the government as well to fool the people and keep them in the dark, physically and psychologically. So no points to them, we know what you’re up to, no matter what you say or do.

OK now back to the scene of being at work. So the first week has gone by, which includes a day off on Wednesday. Lots of things happening, planning and documenting everything one by one, as this time I’m dealing with the agencies, and not the other way round. And also waiting for one of my colleagues to join soon, unfortunately he’s ran into some trouble with his current employer who’s asking to hold on for just a few days more, and banking on the extra day off we might end up getting thanks to the semi-finals on Wednesday. This is a huge project in all respects. At least I know my tasks just start and don’t end till at least the launch, which will then be followed by rounds of campaigns that will continuously hit the market. I’m really looking forward to getting this off the ground and making it fly high. This will really make it big Insha Allah.

So I’ve written enough, took almost a whole hour to put this down, and I still feel it’s unfinished. But I’ll wait till next week, or within the week for a further set of things, hopefully more structured this time.


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