My first Android device

So its been a week now that I’ve got my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, bought it last Saturday and has been a one heck of a device for me. In fact, I can literally do anything with it that I’d want to, such as install whatever apps and tools I want (of course, provided its available), and then easily uninstall or modify them as I choose. Now that is what you don’t quite get in every other device.

The only issues I did face, and I’d call it more of an adventure, was with installing ROMs for Froyo and Gingerbread. As I mentioned, mine is not the typical I9000 version of the handset, instead I had deliberately purchased the US T-Mobile variant called the Vibrant (T-959), since I liked its complete touch based front frame, as it is on the Nexus S.

So a week now and I’ve been hammering away, making mistakes, learning things, and trying out stuff that I wouldn’t normally do. So there’s some room now to come up with my findings. These will be coming through hopefully next week onwards. In the mean time though, I must mention that Samsung released an update on 14th April, which has been termed as some bug fixes from the previous KA6 build. So far I’ve experienced that the stock version and then the upgrade through Samsung Kies has been my fall back. Frankly, I’ve actually started liking the features it offers, regardless of the fact that I could get a prominent and well known ROM for Gingerbread. I’d rather wait till Samsung brings out.

More next week. For now, you can check the detailed specs of the device.

PS: It DID come with the original copy of Avatar, and the screen does complete justice to the visuals of the movie.

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