Suggest a name for our e-marketplace (launching soon)

We, at TCS, are launching our very own, state-of-the-art online marketplace. This will be the first venture of its kind in Pakistan and we invite YOU to be part of making this venture successful.

The key features of this marketplace are:

  • A world class experience in online shopping for everyone
  • Access to original and genuine products and services, no counterfeit
  • Best deals and pricing for all products and services being offered
  • Widest possible range of all items of all categories on offer
  • Multiple, smart and secure payment options
  • Guaranteed after sales service and support
  • Along the backing, quality and reliability that has become synonymous with TCS.

What do we need?

We’re looking for a perfect brand name for this new business. Here are our thoughts.

  • Preferably short and easy to understand
  • Soothing for the ears, has an instant recall for active customer use
  • Does not necessarily require the mention of TCS in the name, nor its logo, so it can be anything
  • AND most importantly, the name should be available in .com TLD, and preferably also available in .pk and .ae TLDs too

Your suggestion could be the ONE!

We need your help in selecting the perfect name for our new e-marketplace, and we look forward to receiving your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Reply to me through personal message on Facebook or Twitter or email with your best suggestions by 4pm on 1st July (this Friday), and let’s make history together!

Thank you.

Email: mnawaz [at] gmail [dot] com

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