Telcos – the biggest spammers

Earlier today I had been utterly frustrated at all telcos who persistently and ridiculously spam their subscribers with promotional messages. Not a day goes by when we receive more than 3-4 messages from them in one way to one package or another. I don’t get it, why don’t they realise that this gets so irritating!

Here’s the text I wrote and sent over to Zong’s Customer Care:

This is to inform you that I have consistently been receiving unwanted messages that I have not subscribed to receive at any time. This is clearly tantamount to spamming. I have complained about this on 11 or 12 July, and I was informed that this will be resolved shortly, and then onwards there will be no promotional messages received on my number.

Lo and behold! The number of messages increased to an annoying 15-20 times instead of just 5-6 times in a day. I complained about this once again on 18 July and I was informed that this process takes about 7 working days. What I don’t understand is why would a simple command to remove a specific number removed take a whole week? This is clearly outrageous!

Further, it has been 10 working days now and yet I don’t see any sign of implementation of my request. I am now taking this to PTA where a direct complaint will be lodged against yours and all other networks against consistent spamming, owing to which you add a lot of agitation to the subscribers. You are hereby instructed to immediately discontinue all promotional or other messages to my number (mentioned above) with immediate effect. I do not intend to hear any ridiculous excuse, just do what I have asked, because I as a consumer have the right to ask you of it.

This email is being sent to PTA separately for action against your company and all other companies and I will lobby against all such malpractices by all networks very strongly with the PTA in the coming week.

I’m absolutely sure that a majority of you have never subscribed to or shown interest in receiving promotional material from telcos. Those who do either visit their customer services center, give them a call at their call centers or even better, visit their websites. What’s irritating even further is that they now attack postpaid users too with these messages.

I have not once in my life actually subscribed to or asked for any information to be sent to me. And yet, I get spammed. As if Ufone wasn’t bad enough, now its Zong. Worse is Mobilink. It seems that each time a SIM is sold immediately someone at Mobilink sells that info to a potential SMS Marketing dude who starts sending messages within a day.

I’m seriously going to lobby as hard as possible to get them to stop spamming everyone. Until and unless you actually receive a request to provide information, there is no way you can legally send such information across. Therefore, any such activity is illegal and tantamount to penalisation and strict action.

Those of you who have consistently get bombarded like this should also openly and blatantly bring this reality to light and get these telcos and other spammers to fix up their act for good.

4 responses to “Telcos – the biggest spammers

  1. I say we should make a hundred Molotov cocktails and firebomb their asses! Plain and simple. These Telecoms are way too powerful and loaded with cash, and can simply buy off whoever they want (case in point being PTA). So, simply firebomb them back to the bloody stone age!

  2. Nawaz! great initiative. These bleeding telecos
    have no right to send consumer any spam message without their approval.

    I know someone who called UFONE service center, complaining about the spam messages and what they told was this.

    “Sir, yeh messages to aap ko aaingay hi, yeh package kay sath hain. App chahain to network change karlain.”

    WTF; what attitude is this, a guy complain you properly and he listen to telecos bull shit…

    Its really sad. Awam is like bleeding cow now. Squeeze them as hard and as much as you can.

  3. Good article nawaz! do post the updates in this regard, that would be really helpful for other troubled customers

  4. Thanks for the responses, guys. I’ll definitely take this up strongly and update in a future post.

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