Facebook Messenger Reviewed

Users of Android and iPhone handsets might have been somewhat relieved that they can now download the new Facebook Messenger apps from their respective Market / Store. Let’s have a look at what this new app has for its users. I have an Android powered Samsung Galaxy S, so that’s the interface I’ll be briefly reviewing here.

To start off, here’s a snapshot of the actual Facebook Messenger page which gives you a run through of the app itself.


So in effect, this lets you chat with your friends on Facebook, including group chat. So that’s something new compared to accessing your online friends’ list when using the official Facebook app that we’ve been using for some now. Though there is a difference, which I’ll show you below.

screenshot-1313340923563Before I proceed, I’ll be just blunt enough to share with you my current home screen 🙂

I’m currently using Trigger 08/04 version, which is an offshoot of the existing CM7 nightly, but has been optimized for using GPS more efficiently. I also prefer the current Launcher2 which comes bundled with this ROM, compared to the default ADW launcher which comes with the original CM7 package. Oh! It also comes with a screenshot tool which you can access when holding the power button, one of the options by default is for screenshot.

Now let’s get back to the app I was going to review.

The Facebook Messenger starts off fairly simple, asking for your Facebook login credentials to let you in. What you see after that is a list of your recent Messages. Yes, you don’t see a list of your online contacts, rather a list of the most recent Messages, which you can scroll through. However like any other app, you can pull downward to get the latest messages. Have a look at the screenshots below to get an idea of what goes on.


When you click on any particular message, you can see the full thread of the communication. You are probably aware that Facebook has for some time dropped individual message threads with any particular person or group of people, and now made them into one. Not so convenient at times as most people want to only look at the recent stream, rather than the entire history plugged into one giant stream. Anyhow, so they’ve replicated it here, and it supports the same for group messages. When you click on a particular message within the stream, it will take you to that exact message (kind of what its supposed to do anyway).


If you’re on the homescreen of the app, you can set global settings for all your messages. However, you can also set independent settings for alerts etc for each thread. Now this is more relevant, as you can practically mute a conversation if you want. This you can do by going to the desired message thread and tapping on the widget / cog button on the top right, select the desired option you want for alerts (as you can see above). You can also view the People who are within the conversation, and the Map will open a Google Maps window to show the location of the two messaging people (one of them is you if you have Location Services set to On).

Oh, and the Advanced Settings don’t do much except for telling you the version you’re using, image and conversation cache clear options.

So that’s just about as conclusive as I could do on this one… if you have any suggestions or more usage you find on the apps, let me know and I’ll them here.

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