Contapps – social contact management for Android

I’ve been hunting for a contact / phonebook management app for my Android handset, much because I’ve come back to CM7 and I couldn’t find a suitable alternative to it where speed and battery life really mattered. Anyway, CM7 does not offer a good dialer or a contact manager, so I was running around Go Contacts and a few other ones. Go I tried some time ago, frankly a bit too Chinese touch for me, didn’t quite click with me. In fact, if you’re used MIUI you’d probably end up with similar stuff, except not the very same UI.

Very recently I found another app that I tested out and worked just the way I wanted, and its called Contapps. Test run the app a couple of days and decided I’d do a quick review of it, and to add to that I also contacted the company behind the app to get some insight. Many thanks to them for responding very quickly. More on that coming later in this post, first, here’s a neat video which tells you all that you want to know about it.

Here are a few snaps to see what it can really do, and what it looks like in reality.

How did you come up with concept of the app – Contapps, and its name?

We came up with the concept a while ago, when we realized that the contacts app on smartphones have the same UI and functionality as on old “feature phones”. We thought that the center of your phone are your people – the contacts, and decided to re-invent the contacts. That’s also the reason for the name Contapps = contact applications (plus – we call the buttons in the contact profile “tapps” because you tap on them to change the view).

Who do you see as your audience?

Our users are socially connected, they enjoy the “one-stop-shop” (integration of social networks, etc.) and enhanced functionality.

What do you think would be some of the great things Contapps can do?

  • Contapps is super socially connected – it’s the only app that has deep integration for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Foursquare
  • Advanced search options like our gestures search (which also has a learning capability – so you can teach it you own handwriting and various languages)
  • Full “eco-system” – Contapps includes your contacts, dialer and call log so everything is in on place
  • Customize the display of your contacts via cool features like “pinch to zoom”

Currently the app is available for free on the Android Market. Do you have any intentions to have a paid version of this available, and through which method?

There’s basically 4 common ways to make money with apps: 1. Paid downloads. 2. “Freemium” (free & premium versions) 3. in app payments (selling additional features, etc.) 4. Advertising. We think that it’s still early to say what would be the best way, but we might try the “Freemium” approach. Anyway – right now we focus on creating an awesome app and it requires our full attention.

How should people reach out to you to report issues? And what sort of update roll out plan in terms of features or fixes are you expecting?

We’re always working on further improving Contapps, and performance is a key issue that’s always on our mind. In addition, we are working on new features and improvements and those will roll out in coming versions. Users can always drop a line to our support through the app (on our settings > help us improve Contapps > “suggest a new tapp”  or “report an issue”. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Is there currently any limitation to any handsets not being supported by your app? Also, does it work on tablets as it does on phones?

We support all Android devices from version 2 and above (the vast majority of Android devices). In addition, tablets with telephony services are supported and we intend to further improve our tablet support.

So overall I found this app to just what I needed, and it just fits nicely into the overall framework of how I reach out to my contacts, or keep in touch with them socially as well. Give it a shot if you will, you can download it from the Android Market and have a go at it.

If you have any queries regarding this app, post them in your comments and I’ll try to revert with my own feedback, or of course I can get in touch with the guys behind Contapps, or you can reach out to them yourself on Facebook and Twitter. Hope you like this review, let me know your thoughts.



2 responses to “Contapps – social contact management for Android

  1. Awesome app, thanks! been looking for something like this since I first bought my HTC incredible but always reverted to my stock app… this looks like the one! 🙂

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