Battery Drain

I’m sure a whole lot of you face a lot of battery drain issues on your cellphones and laptops, and other portable devices (by the way, that includes me too). So I figured, why not see what people do to conserve battery power, and if there is an alternative approach to ensuring that you have a better battery life on your device.

Turns out, there are many ways. In most cases, you’ve already figured out that if you keep the volume reasonable, or screen brightness reduced, or use more of your headset than the phone speaker, for example, saves a lot of juice. Well, it does for sure. But there’s a quick tip that I’ve tried and tested for some time, and believe it or not, this comes from certain Android ROM developers.

So here’s the trick. Whenever you face a rapid battery drain issue, make sure you let it drain completely, enough that your device just doesn’t start. Let it stay off, and plug the charger, and let it sit till its fully charged. Once done, let the charger be there for the time being, and boot your device. Let it settle, yes, in many cases, let it stay like that for about 5-10 minutes, then remove the charger.

Battery calibration might also help in retaining a decent battery life. For this, repeat above steps at least 3 times in sequence. This also applies to laptops. By the way, this doesn’t mean that a dead battery will suddenly start showing signs of life too. That you’ve got to change for sure.

And yeah, the rest of the tips that I’ve mentioned above and you’ve tried before too, let that continue as well. It all adds up.


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