The Apportunity is happening!

Alright, it’s been an awfully long time since I wrote anything, past 3 months now I guess. And that’s much has been the time that I’ve actually attended a proper engaging event, with over 50 people around.

Recently I attended an event on the April 1. Yes, that’s right, and it wasn’t anything to fool people about, and I certainly wasn’t fooled after what I received toward the end 🙂

The djuice Apportunity 2012 launch pad was what I had attended, and this year the team at djuice called in the bloggers to brief about the campaign, and what it holds for those who would participate. In other words, since the fresh app developers, be they individuals or small companies, get a lot of updates from blogs, what better way to bring that info to them, right where they read it most?

OK, so let’s get a bit deeper into what it is all about. The campaign invites mobile app developers to participate in a competition to get the top prize and be sponsored to attend trainings / mentoring sessions and also to have them published on the Nokia Ovi Store, Apple App Store and Google Play Store (formerly Android Market). The winners are also given the opportunity to enhance usability across multiple platforms. Currently though, the BlackBerry platform is not supported.

The objective is to give these developers a platform through which they can express and elevate themselves towards future growth and talent development. And here’s what they all get in return…

To enter, developers should go here, or here if they’re browsing on your mobile phone. Those who’ve participated need only verify their enrolment with their pass key here. And you can also send an email to register too at

Developers can build apps in the following categories:

  • Basic & Utilities
  • Education & Learning
  • Friends & Social
  • Games & Fun
  • Green & Environment
  • Location & Presence
  • Music & Tones
  • Urdu & Regional
  • Khamoshi ka Boycott – the special category where you have to develop an app that aims to help a social cause

Here’s how djuice will support Apportunity participants:

  • Making sure your app is usable, friendly and runs on all handsets
  • Getting it published on global app stores
  • Helping you promote your app
  • Helping you make money from your app
  • Rewarding best downloads with exciting prizes like ipads, monetary scholarships, free mobile internet and much more
  • We have partnered with PB (Islamabad), VectraCom (Karachi) and Anahata (Lahore) to help you improve your apps as they’ll act as mentors for you throughout the program

This year, djuice has also given developers a link to download their creative assets, which can be downloaded from here.

So you have a near launch pad for ambitious and enthusiastic mobile app developers. If you’re one, you can check out all the details right here.

Oh, and I did mention there was something that happened toward the end (no, I’m not talking about the food, yet). There were a bunch of questions asked at the end, I guess around 20 of them, each correct answer rewarded with goodie bags. But the real surprise was at the end of the line, 2 mobile handsets were to be won, the HTC EVO 3D. So you’re probably now aware who one at least one of them 😀 and here are the pictures to prove it 🙂

I did however have some questions during the Q&A session, in fact there were quite a few asked. The most important for me were if developers would be trained or given the opportunity to build cross platform apps. That I believe is part of the plan, however we have yet to hear more about it. Oh yeah, and the food was good too, at Saffron!

Overall, I guess this is a good way to promote app developers, hopefully there’d be more coming in the future. All the best to the developers who participate, and make it big!

You can also visit the entire photo album of the event here.


One response to “The Apportunity is happening!

  1. After 3 months, here’s a fresh post on my blog. Covering the djuice Apportunity Bloggers meetup on April 1 this year (yup, no kidding)! So read up and let me know what you guys think 🙂

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