Kicking off 2014

Haven’t written in quite some time, so thought it might be a good idea just to type in some thoughts.

Been in Dubai now for 5 months, the city rocks I tell you! Let not anyone tell you or deter you from visiting it, the opinions will vary with every single person, their perspectives on life and of course what they are here for.

As for me, I am glad to have landed an opportunity within the first month of being here, working full time since then as a Project Head for a really dynamic digital and communications agency in Dubai. Really love the team.

My usual commute is back to public transport, which frankly I really like as it saves me of all the hassles of parking and other car ownership related matters. Then again I’ll get one soon anyway 😉

The best part is you get to bump into a number of people from all over the world, and sometimes people you know.

The majority of people you see on a daily basis spend most of their time with their phones. Smartphones here have one of the highest penetration levels in the world. The most actively used chat service is Whatsapp, followed by BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and then WeChat. Its like SMS has gone out of play for the majority of people, and they generally use it only to speak with people who are not on their contacts list. OK that includes me too, in fact this post is from my phone.

Since the start of 2014, there’s been a lot of work. Not sure if there’s a real pickup yet but everyone is surely gearing up for the year ahead. That’s a positive sign though.

The weather has been just superb since the last 3 months, and it still gets quite chilly in the evenings these days.

So let’s see how things move forward. And time does fly fast. 5 months already.


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