Doing something different

Recently I’ve been trying a lot of things. Some that I previously wouldn’t have bothered with, now I am and it does feel different.

The first of them is to go out more. Feels liberating sometimes. That includes going out for a movie, be it alone or with anyone. But you have to go out. Then again that the summer is here, probably not that much. But being among people is good.

The next is to try new things, one of them being investing in a tablet after 6 months. That too, completely off my preference list, an iPad Air. Yes, it’s an Apple product compared to an Android. It is different, but I’m also experiencing it to make it more useful in daily life, and so far it feels better. Not saying an Android tablet would have been any different, but hey, it’s all about trying something new for a change.

It’s also good to invest time in relaxing. I mean really just lying in bed and doing nothing. Then again it’s also called being lazy 😛

And then when you’re working try to have a great relationship with everyone around you. It always helps in the long run. I think I’ve said that a million times before too. When you experience working with people from different parts of the world it’s never easy. But keep your mind and heart open to accept and embrace the differences that exist and in the process learn something new. It would be criminal to avoid such a great opportunity.

Trying out different types of meals also helps you invigorate your senses, that what I feel. Maybe not everything different. For example, I don’t like anything without meat (includes beef, mutton, chicken or fish). But I can still try things that are from different countries or made by different restaurants and people.

Back home I used my car a lot, here it’s all public transport. That’s also good because you’re contributing to the environment, and investing less in locked up capital when you’re not sure what to get and when. Personally I’ve always liked riding in public transport.

OK, is guess that’s enough for today. I do need to get back to writing though. It feels liberating in it’s own way. Like I’m doing this from my iPad and not while using the laptop 🙂


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