Let’s Take A Shortcut

I’ve been saying this for quite some time but over the years the realization has been far stronger than ever. Especially since I moved out of the country, and when I return I cannot help but feel it all around me, making me feel that I’m doing something wrong if I’m not taking a shortcut.

In reality, there’s no real shortcut for success. There’s only a part of the complete success that you can achieve with shortcuts. It also adds a lot of stress and unwanted troubles, as there was never a complete plan to work on, just bits and pieces grabbed from here and there, mostly borrowed.

They say that you can tell the state of the nation by just observing the traffic flow on the roads. That’s all you need to see in Pakistan too. Take a look at how the financial hub of the country moves on the roads and you can tell the story of the entire nation, how they think and how they want to get ahead first, regardless of rules and good conduct. You can see the same situation just about every city, where despite laws and rules, no one cares about following them.

Worse are those who have a lot of money, create their own laws to suit themselves, and ruin it all for those who have followed certain code of ethics for decades. We also tend to comfortably overlook all the bad that’s happening. More so because we are so desensitized thanks to the news channels, that nothing seems bad as long as we can make a buck. Too bad, it may not now, but soon it starts affecting us really badly because we let a parasite live off us.

We are voluntarily letting the souls of our cities. Unfortunate, but that is true. It takes such a long time to build things, and killing or demolishing can happen rapidly.

Are we always going to be this way? Are we going to change? Or are we just going to talk about change, and do nothing.



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