Help comes from unexpected places

Yesterday my father and I were visiting Al Ghail, a freezone industrial area of Dhaid City. This is an industrial freezone at the start of Ras Al Khaimah. Needed some product samples so we traveled across these cities. Apparently the directions weren’t clear enough, and despite calling the person multiple times, till the end we didn’t get a clear landmark we could refer to.

While searching for the place we got stuck in soft sand, though at a wrong place. We followed the usual approach of removing the sand below the tires and placing stones there to drive the car out. Unfortunately that didn’t work. We hailed out to a pickup driver from Bangladesh who first helped us get out, but unfortunately got stuck too.

He called in a couple of Bangladeshi workers from the nearby construction site, who tried to help get both our vehicles out. That didn’t work, and a big dump truck came over to help. These Pathan guys managed to get the pickup out in a matter of minutes, our car though was stuck in a slightly weird place.

An old Arab chap came along from a nearby house to help, followed by another young Arab in a 4WD vehicle. He got our vehicle out, but we realized that the cover under the car was detached. While we were safely on the road and stopped to check under the car, another young Arab came along, asking us if everything was alright and offered his help. We told him everything was fine, and we were trying to fix it.

The two Bangladeshis who had come over from the construction site helped close the cover in a matter of minutes. Within one hour this entire episode happened, and we were back on the way. We thanked everyone who helped and they were on the way.

My father and I talked about this over lunch and came to realize that you wouldn’t find such helpful people everywhere. They’re from everywhere around us, but to come together like this without a second thought, was amazing; and for us at that time was the most thankful thing they did together. People around us are indeed quite helpful, but they don’t appear much till such times happen. Then we see how they all work together as a well-oiled machinery.

If we all come together on a more regular basis, no matter which city or country we are in, wouldn’t this world be a much happier place? Too bad I couldn’t take a picture 🙂


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