Annoying auto-play videos

I honestly hate auto-playing videos on Facebook, and I’m sure many of you do too. With the most recent update of Google Chrome, it’s more messed up, so now you get stutters on every auto-playing video. Here’s a quick tip on how to stop this annoyance.

Step 1 – Go to Facebook Settings

Step 2 – Go to Videos (see screenshot below)

Settings - Videos - DefaultNotice that you’ll see the Video Settings set to Default for Video Quality and Auto-Play.

Step 3 – Change Auto-Play Videos to “Off”.

Settings - Videos - AutoplaySwitching it off will no longer play videos automatically, this also reduces the jitters when you scroll up or down your Facebook timeline or any page.

I have also reduced the Video Default Quality to play only SD format.

Settings - Videos - QualityThe Default setting will automatically play HD quality video will pick the video based on the bandwidth you have, which is why sometimes you’ll get a long pause before the video starts playing.

By the way, the same settings are available on your phone. Here’s a quick guide if you’re using an iPhone. This also helps cut down your data consumption, and a small fraction of your battery life.


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If you’re on Android, here are the Settings that you can use. Click on the burger stack (More) option on the app.

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Happy Facebook-ing!


Image credit: Softonic Feature post


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