i wonder…

Sometimes I just wonder who writes up these horoscopes. My experience is that only some of them have turned out to be true, the rest all crap. Or putting it more nicely, it’s sometimes that you think it matches up with your profile or what you are doing.

Then again, I guess they need to fit somehow into the profile of so many people out there who are of the same zodiac sign 😛 Anyway, here’s mine for today, and quite close to reality I’d say… straight from my mouth 😛

Projects of all kinds that you may be working on with partners or friends will go especially smoothly today, dear —, as your thinking is especially sharp, clear, and logical. You and your friends are in an especially strong place right now, with trust and respect between you at an all-time high. Social events could bring stimulating discussions and stronger bonds between you and others. Work hard, and enjoy every minute of it!

I’ve been thinking about all these today, and now, at approximately 6pm (KHI time), I see this. As a matter of fact, I only go through the horoscopes at the end of the day… I don’t believe in them… straight-forward…. just a passtime…


5 responses to “i wonder…

  1. shaam mei parhein ge tou aisa ajeeb ghareeb sa hi horrorscope hoga na 😛 6-17pm tak true kaise hogaya ye sab :O one hour photo suna tha..not one-hour mood swinger 😀

  2. ermm..wenever i come 2 karachi i end up reading DAWN with my breakfast and hurry over 2 the horoscopes section which usually turns out 2 be tru…its realli freaky! did urs happen 2 come 4rm DAWN? hahap.s. nice blog

  3. no, not DAWN… i prefer to browse on Yahoo.UK to get this… and it turns out to be just close to reality … or at least what i'm looking out for :Dyou've got a pretty interesting and dark blog… keep it up 🙂

  4. I'll go ahead an assume that all of the people who have commented here are muslims since i have seen your posts on Kmetblog. So here is some sincere advice; reading horoscopes and believing in them is shirk (associatingn partners with Allah) To read horoscope if this is done for the sake of curiosity then it’s a Major sin and as punishment for this sin that person’s prayers for forty days will NOT be accepted. If a person believes in the fortuneteller, soothsayer then that person is NOT a Muslim any more and he has committed an act of Kufr. So we should try our best to refrain from doing acts that would lead us to fall into shirk and push us out of the fold of islaam.

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